Poncho obrázky

My name is Poncho Elfo Paul and I am an extraordinary short-haired male chihuahua who likes popularity. After all, how many chihuahuas do you know who have their own profiles on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube? Probably not many, you can watch me there all the time. I’m not just any scumbag, it’s my home Hotel Aqua Wellness Patince and I certainly do not have to tell you that I like luxury. It won’t do me any good more happy than when people watch me, I like when I get the attention of others and also when I get it new likes and followers are added. I was born on December 1, 2019 in Bratislava. I like to roll, but that does not mean that I would be lazy, I like to go for a walk and keep my figure, because I weigh only 1.5 kg. Do you want to look at me or learn more about me? Visit my profiles at social networks and have fun with me.